To continue using KGN Exports House leather product in best possible condition so that it will keep that beautiful vintage look there are some easy tips you can keep in mind.

Natural leather Odor

With usually suntanned leather-based there is possibly the chance that your brand-new bag could have a natural leather smell for the very first week or even two whenever you get it. Some people like this natural leather smell some don’t but regular use of your bag agter 1 or 2 week this smell will fade away, If you would like a few quick options then try these:

  • Febreze Material Classic - this will likely reduce the effects of any smell with just a few sprays to the inside the natural leather bag. Fabreze is available in most of the departmental store near you.
  • Baking Powder - a dusting of baking powder inside the handbag and left overnight it will soak up dampness and therefore reduce the smell. (This is often quite untidy method though and may leave white powder marks inside your own lovely leather bag).
  • Important & Scented Oils - several drops of your scent on tissue paper, which you carefully massage over the outside part of your bag and also within the bag.

Dealing with a Wet Leather Bag

When your bag becomes wet, be sure you dried up it carefully in a warm, dry area, such as around a radiator It can also help in the event you stuff certain balls of scrunched up nrewspaper inside the handbag along with the pockets to make sure that it dries properly faster and in body pattern.

Rebuilding a Dry Leather Bag

When your leather satchel begins to dry and also rough to the feel (probably a result of often getting wet) after that apply herbal oils on leather bag which have been washed away. We apply on all our leather bags one coat of oil , that helps our bag to be waterproof and maintain the leather-based nourished and also lustrous.

If you need to maintain your leather-based satchels nourished, when it seems dry simply sponge the leather-based with vegetable, sunflower oil, newborn or rapeseed oil until the entire of the leather-based satchel has got a lighting coating. After that leave the leather-based satchel for a day so that it can dry properly. Within this method the color of the leather bag might go little darker however this will lighter up since the leather dries. This process you can repeat every time you think the leather has become dry or perhaps you want to give your leather satchel that additional bit nourishment.

Re-Waterproofing a Leather-based Bag

We have apply Oil on Leather bag throughout the production of your leather bag it provides good protection against the components but when you would like to additional waterproof your own leather bag after that listed here are a few choices:

  • Collonil leather gel - a fairly good way to maintain your satchel water resistant
  • Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather-based – this is often an excellent water-proofer for leather-based.

Scratches in the Natural leather

Almost all our leather bags are strong and hardwearing along with a scratch. Scratch here would only add to its distressed looks still when a scratch doesn't wipe away with your own finger then a rub of some kind of vegetable, baby or rapeseed oil on 100 % cotton cloth will be effective.